One person’s trash turned out to be an entire school’s treasure in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) —

Popping in old tapes is like opening Christmas gifts for Jim Lusk.

‘We don’t know what’s on these. That’s part of the fun about this.”

The home office of the 1978 Bullard High grad is full of old tapes. Lusk has found a portal back in time including when students in the band “True Illusion” rocked the campus.

“We’re looking back at the history and we’ve got a little more than a decade of Bullard history on these tapes,” said Lusk.

Two old one-inch tapes have been restored and 27 more hold lost treasures.

Most were found in old boxes on campus. Bullard football coach Don Arax found some in trash bins.

“About seven or eight years ago I knew they had to be saved,” said Lusk.

Lusk recently posted several videos on a KBul Facebook page including one showing a Bullard computer fair in 1984. It featured his own father fRed Lusk who was a chemistry teacher.

“This is video of him in his work environment and you don’t get that often of your parents,” said Lusk.

A young baseball coach named Mike Noakes was interviewed in one clip from 1975. The diamond is now named after coach Noakes.

“I think people are also in shock that these are here and they have no idea how much is there,” said Lusk.

Also restored from an old tape was an old Action News clip featuring our former colleagues Angelo Stalis, John Wallace, and Nancy Osborne. Bullard held a Nancy Osborne and John Wallace lookalike contest. The tape shows the girls truly captured the look of the era.

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