Open enrollment — people younger than 60 can get Medicaid too

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KFQX) — Open enrollment season means a check up on healthcare coverage. Medicare is for anyone age 65 and older, who has worked at least 10 years, with benefits on medical, dental, vision and more.

970 Medicare reviews applications for custom-made coverage, where agents like Ashley Van Gundy says anyone looking for insurance should get help from local professionals.

“We’ll make sure that we service your plan throughout the year,” 970 Medicare Agent Ashley Van Gundy shares, “Whenever you have questions, you need help getting that pair of glasses, we can help you navigate that or maybe needing to find a new primary care doctor.”

Open enrollment can even help young people in the workforce find the care they need at the right cost.

“It can kind of be stressful, just trying to figure out affordability and plans and what everything is covered under,” Grand Valley Local Andrea Martinez expresses, “I think the most important thing is just to be able to see a doctor if you are in need and be able to afford that co-pay.”

“Although Medicare I can help with someone’s medical and dental needs, people working my on the job think that they can only get good insurance with because of how old they are,” Cora Dickey reports, ” If you’re just getting started at being grown or looking for benefits that don’t break the bank, you chances to qualify for Medicaid are higher than you think.”

60 percent of people currently on Medicaid work full-time, according to The CEO of Rocky Mountain Health Plans who says many adults can be accepted for Medicaid under certain conditions.

“The good news is that when you apply for one of those programs you can be qualified for all the others,” Rocky Mountain Health Plans CEO Patrick Gordon mentions, “You may not become eligible for Medicaid but you can qualify for enrollment on the Connect for Colorado Health Exchange, the same is true for TruePlus.”

There is no cutoff date to apply for Medicaid but open enrollment for Medicare ends December 7 and December 15th for Rocky Mountain Health Plans’ Connect for Health Marketplace.

Coverage starts January 1 where 970 Medicare and Rocky Mountain Health Plans can start helping you over the phone. Many providers in Mesa County, including major hospitals, accept Medicaid and Medicare as health insurance.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Open enrollment — people younger than 60 can get Medicaid too