Oregon Department of Education promotes “math is racist” program

The Oregon Department of Education is promoting an online course which teaches the concept that math is racist because it requires a correct answer.

According to the guide – 2 plus 2 doesn’t necessarily equal 4 and teaching math in this manner pushes a ‘white supremacy’ culture.

The class is called “A pathway to equitable math instruction.”

The guide says that
“white supremacy culture infiltrates math classrooms in everyday teacher actions, who teach that there is an absolute answer to an equation.”

In addition – the guide claims that getting the right answer and asking students to show their work are examples of white supremacy that harms minority students.

The public affairs director for the national association of scholars, said that the course illustrates that “no aspect of the educational process at any level is off limits for the social justice indoctrination.”

Adding that “the problem is that math insists on correct answers is actually a hidden form of ‘white supremacy,’ as everything else is as well.”

Source: NewsNet | Oregon Department of Education promotes “math is racist” program