Parents outraged as students set to go back to school next to homeless camps

A large homeless camp that is located just steps away from two Seattle schools is causing major concerns for parents who are sending their kids back to in person learning.

The camps sit by a playground and at the bottom of a stairway that leads straight to the K-8 Broadview Thompson schools.

Hundreds of kids are heading back to the school for in person learning but will have to pass by the homeless camp of nearly 50 tents that was set up this summer as the homeless moved locations from a public park to behind the schools.

The district promised parents that the camp would be moved 8 months ago  but it remains. A spokesperson from the school said they are trying to be sensitive to people’s needs.

Parents, however, have the safety of their children in mind and wrote a letter to school and city leaders asking for the camp to be removed because of the crime and increasing environmental damage it’s causing.

Neighbors report trash, feces and drug needles scattered on the ground near the school. They say massive theft’s have been happening and drug issues have taken over the area – that is filled with children and elderly people.

According to neighbors a homeless woman died of a drug overdose at the camp back in February. One neighbor said the woman’s body was lying in the street for hours.

Neighbors are pleading with city leaders to keep the tax paying residents and their children safe and move the camp.

According to local media, the homeless encampments in Seattle have become dangerous.

In recent months 60 calls were made to 911 to report dangerous activity from a homeless camp at one park – which included five domestic violence incidents, four assaults, three sex offenses and an incident where a police officer was nearly burned alive in his cruiser.

Residents say that drugs run rampant in the camps and that the homeless have become very hostile, often times threatening the general public.

According to the Washington Department of Health more than 21,000 people in Washington experience homelessness – of those nearly 12,000 are in Seattle.

Source: NewsNet | Parents outraged as students set to go back to school next to homeless camps