Re-tabulation not a recount: Montrose County is working to build voter confidence in elections


The 2021 election is fast approaching, but so are the concerns about fraudulent elections and why the Montrose County Clerk and Recorder has hired clear ballot to re-tabulate last year’s count. “It is not a recount at all. It’s a re-tabulation of the ballots that we received and accepted and have already received the results,” said Montrose County Clerk and Recorder Tressa Guynes.

Guynes says only two Colorado counties use Clear Ballot, but Montrose County will use the competitor of Dominion Voting Systems to conduct a quality check. Guynes says, “We’re confident in our election results, we’re confident in our Dominion equipment. We have no reason to do this. We’re simply doing this for the community because of the concerns that we consistently hear about.”

Montrose County doesn’t use hand counts because of human error, and the clerk says Dominion is 100% accurate, but the re-tabulation process is expensive. “$18,000 is a lot of money, and it was difficult, but we felt it was a value to the community based on the uncertainty, and the concerns, and the unrest,” said Guynes.

62 counties in the state including Montrose use Dominion Voting Systems to make sure your vote counts, but because of public outcry the county is taking steps to eliminate doubt in their voting process, but it comes at a price of over $18,000. Which begs another question: is it money well spent, or is it a waste of taxpayer dollars? Mike, a citizen of Montrose says, “Well, there’s so much mistrust and miscommunication and all kinds of weird info out there that sometimes you have to go the extra yard just to make sure people have some faith as to what’s going on.” Clifford Pettis also lives in Montrose, but has an opposing view. “I think it’s a waste of our resources, and it’s a waste of time, it’s over with. Let’s just go on with life,” said Pettis.

Montrose County Clerk and Recorder Guynes says she’s confident the re-tabulation process of the 25,160 ballots cast in 2020 will be completed by the 2021 election.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Re-tabulation not a recount: Montrose County is working to build voter confidence in elections