Relief coming to U.S. solar companies


President Biden passed a 24 month moratorium on solar product tariffs through the Defense Production Act to expand the clean energy economy, and with an average of 300 sunny days a year in Colorado, solar panel production won’t be the only thing growing. Atlasta Solar Center co-owner, Chris Campbell says, “An increased number in jobs, retaining jobs here in the U.S. as well as seeing growth in our industry.”

The solar industry employs more than 230, 000 American workers including nearly 7,000 Coloradans. But, the investment into America’s solar industry isn’t just benefiting the businesses selling energy independence. “Solar electric, unlike other investments, provides a guaranteed rate of return,” said Campbell.

The solar panel industry is hotter than ever, and by invoking the Defense Production Act, President Biden hopes to confront climate change head-on, and one local business owner says the benefits could give your wallet a big boost. “You’re going to reap that benefit 2 to 3 times more than the actual cost,” said Campbell.

Campbell also says by switching to solar you can eliminate your electric bill, and get a 26% federal tax credit, but you have to make the switch soon. “If it’s something you’re looking to do in 2023 just know there’s a 4% reduction in the solar tax credit, and after that if congress does nothing, it will be eliminated and off the table for residential customers,” said Campbell.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Relief coming to U.S. solar companies