Reporting needed repairs and hazards on trails is now easier

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The great outdoors inspires Coloradans to bike, hike, and walk. The Western Slope is home to some of the most prestigious trails and as the weather heats up, some are eager to enjoy nature and a workout. Ron Humerickhouse, Grand Junction resident, says, “some of these trails are a challenge and I like to do it for exercise.”

Nothing ruins a great walk more than trash or extreme wear and tear on the trail. Non-profit, One Riverfront, and Mesa County Public Health teamed up to create a simple tool for people to report issues.

Catherine Ventling, with One Riverfront, says, “trees that have fallen down or concrete that has heaved up and so it creates a hazard.” All it takes is a simple and easy-to-use Google form to get Mesa County Public Health Trail Coordinator, Ross Mittleman out to address the problem.

Ventling also says, “to allow those users of the trail that are out almost every single day, some of them to let people know that when there’s issues, we could then pass it along to him and he could coordinate those efforts.” Once Mittleman is notified, he takes the lead.

Ventling added, “he uses that to send out crews to go investigate reporting of issues and then planning for work that needs to be done.” I asked a few outdoor enthusiasts if the system is something they’d use.

Humerickhouse also says, “I would probably. Yeah if it was available to me and easy for me to use, I’d be all over it.”

Ed Lipton, Grand Junction resident, says, “Absolutely, we use the computer all the time for searches and providing and receiving information, why not.” The ultimate goal is to bring awareness to the trails and create a user-friendly system for the community to communicate with each other.

Ventling added, “create a streamlined process for people who are using the trail regularly.”

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Source: Grand Junction Local News | Reporting needed repairs and hazards on trails is now easier