River City Sportplex Getting a Makeover

It may be cold inside River City Sportplex, but plans for the building are heating up. General Manager Jon Larson says major renovation plans are in the works. “Well it’s super exciting being part of something like that, not just for ourselves, but the city of Grand Junction.”

Soon, hockey won’t be only one of many things you’ll be able to do at River City Sportplex. “We’ll be looking at adding some baseball batting cages as well as some softball pitching cages, stuff like that.” says Hockey Director Jackson Wilson. Plans also include a “dry-land” training area, as well as a new fitness center.

But it’s not just staff who are excited about the renovation. “Everything we hear, people are super excited about the batting cages, the dryland fitness area, and certainly the fitness center itself” says Larson.

But not only is the interior of River City Sportplex getting a makeover–the exterior of the building is getting a whole new look too. “That has been approved, so along with batting cages and fitness center, the exterior of the building will be done.”

This is only phase one of the process though. Plans to build a restaurant, pickleball courts, and possibly even another rink are also in the works–however Jackson says the hockey program has to continue growing for that to come to fruition.

Wilson says plans to start the remodel begin later this summer.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | River City Sportplex Getting a Makeover