RV fire suspect facing multiple charges

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Leo Medina, 60, is facing the following charges resulting from Friday’s incident where an RV was set on fire: 16 counts of Assault In The 1st Degree On A Peace Officer Threaten With Deadly Weapon F3 3 counts of Assault 2nd Degree W/Intent To Infect, Injure Or Harm Another F4 Possession Use Or Removal Of Explosives Or Incendiary Devices/Possess Of Components Thereof F2 7 counts of 4th Degree Arson F4 Failure Or Refusal To Leave Premises Or Prop Upon Request Of Peace Officer M2 Drove Vehicle When License Under Restraint (Revoked) Reckless Endangerment M3 Resisting Arrest M2 Obstructing Peace Officer M2 Friday, January 28, 2022, deputies located Medina in an RV parked at a business on 29 Road and D 1/4 Roads.

Medina had an active warrant for his arrest from the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office for the following charges: Robbery F4, False Imprisonment M2, Assault in the Third Degree M1, and Theft $50-$300 M3.  Medina refused to come out and threatened to blow the RV by lighting a propane tank inside. The business was evacuated and 29 Road was closed as a precaution. The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team, Grand Junction Police Department, and deputies trained in crisis intervention and negotiation were called in to assist. Medina lit the propane tank on fire and the RV quickly became engulfed in flames.

SWAT members were able to safely pull Medina from the fire and take him into custody. He was transported to the Mesa County Detention Facility after being treated for minor burns at the hospital.  For more information about this incident, click here.

Sourced via CRIMEWATCH®https://crimewatch.net/us/co/mesa/sheriff/134177/arrests/medina-leo-16-counts-assault-1st-degree-peace-officer-threaten-deadly-weapon-f3-and-8

Source: Grand Junction Local News | RV fire suspect facing multiple charges