San Francisco police search for gunmen in shooting that injured 4 near school


Gunfire erupted near a Bay Area high school and terrified students were forced to run for cover. A manhunt is underway for the gunmen who opened fire.

The shooting happened around 3:15 p.m. Tuesday in the parking lot outside the June Jordan School for Equity in San Francisco’s Excelsior District.

Three out of the four victims were brought to San Franciso General Hospital. One of the male victims was released, but his female classmate continues to suffer from life-threatening injuries. Police are calling it a targeted attack.

“It was crazy, I just saw everybody running and I heard shots going off,” said student Diego Ortiz.

The scene outside June Jordan High School was chaotic, after police say four suspects opened fire on a group of students. They were standing near a blue gate in the school’s parking lot at the time. One female and three male students were hurt.

“I was right behind the guy who was carrying the gun,” said one witness. “I saw people running inside and outside the building. It was so hectic, but I wanted to move, but my body wasn’t moving at all.”

The injured students and just about everyone else ran into the school, where officials put June Jordan and neighboring City Arts and Tech, on lockdown.

“Everybody pushed our desks and we went under to make sure we were safe. Then she told us to move and stay away from the windows,” said Nia Gastinell, a student.

Police meantime, did a room-by-room search of the entire building. They quickly learned no one else was in danger.

“This was not a random shooting, the suspects didn’t come here to just to randomly shoot at any of the students here,” said San Francisco police Officer Carlos Manfredi.

Still, the reality of what’s happened is making some students nervous.

“Questions my safety, because it could happen to anyone, not just one student,” said student Jairo Huezo.

“It’s still terrifying, I don’t want to see this going on,” another student said.

Extra security and grief counselors will be on campus Wednesday.

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