Sandy Hook Victims’ Families Can Sue Gunmaker

A years-long legal fight making headway as Connecticut’s highest court ruled in favor of Sandy Hook victims’ families, allowing their case against a gun manufacturer to proceed.

In a major win in the Connecticut Supreme Court Thursday, a lawsuit which claims the manufacturer of the assault rifle used to killed 26 people in 2012 knowingly marketed the weapon to consumers to “carry out offensive, military style combat missions against their perceived enemies.”

In 2016, a judge dismissed the case due to a statute that protects gun manufacturers in the event their weapons are used in criminal activity.

Thursday, the court’s decision sided with victims’ families.

The gunmaker and its distributor have not responded to requests for comment.

And on the same day as the bombshell victory, Connecticut lawmakers introduced legislation in both the House and Senate that would ultimately keep guns out of classrooms.

School districts would also be prohibited from using federal funds to arm teachers.

Source: NewsNet | Sandy Hook Victims’ Families Can Sue Gunmaker