SCL Health merging with Utah based Intermountain Healthcare

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Two leading non-profit healthcare organizations are teaming up and created a model health system benefiting seven states.

The two organizations, SCL Health and Intermountain healthcare have joined forces to provide high quality, accessible and affordable healthcare to more patients and communities.

Despite being a non-profit, SCL Health sits on more than $1.5 billion in accumulated funds. Profits from St. Mary’s Medical Center alone, account for $459 million of that $1.5 billion, “If you are doing the same things as you were doing before, then I think you fail,” Bryan Johnson President of St. Mary’s Medical Center said.

Johnson says that money isn’t going anywhere, he says the merger with Utah based Intermountain Healthcare will enhance services.

The eight Colorado and Montana hospitals under SCL Health, the parent company of St. Mary’s are merging between SCL Health and Intermountain Healthcare. The merger won’t change St. Mary’s Medical Center, but through this combination, SCL and Intermountain will employ more than 59,000 caregivers operating out of 33 hospitals and will run close to 400 clinics across seven states.

Intermountain’s focus on tech development in rural areas combined with SCL’s ability to perform efficiently aim to bring down health costs, while benefiting the community, “And Intermountain has been an integral part of that, and that’s been achieved through the work they’ve done I think bringing that expertise here gives us a lot to look forward to,” Johnson says.

Johnson says its mission to lower costs didn’t start with the merger, but with Monument Health’s cooperation in lowering insurance prices, he says rates are less expensive than on the front range, “There’s always been that criticism that the western slopes cost for care has always been higher,” Johnson says.

Johnson says every dollar SCL doesn’t pay in taxes, it gives back two and a half times as much to the community, “And the Attorney General affirmed that last week when he approved the merger, is that this merger does not demonstrate any material that changes community benefit,” Johnson says.

After a review, the Colorado Attorney General’s office issued a statement allowing the merger would not violate Colorado Law, “We will monitor SCL Health’s hospitals in Colorado over the next five years to safeguard that their charitable purposes are maintained and Colorado communities continue to be served,” Natalie Hanlon Leh, Chief Deputy Attorney General says.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | SCL Health merging with Utah based Intermountain Healthcare