Simms Fire Update

REMOTE (KREX) — The Simms Fire acreage is currently 313 acres with 100% containment. Storms in the area brought erratic winds, but the fire area did receive some unexpected precipitation on Sunday. Even though the rain was not a “wetting” rain, it did raise relative humidity levels and will make light, flashy fuels less susceptible to burning over the next few days.

Suppression repair continued on the southern perimeter of the fire. Firefighters have completed suppression repair work on half of the fire perimeter. Crews will continue re-seeding the burn area as dozer lines are repaired by the excavator. Crews finished hand piling cut brush and timber for landowners who had been affected by the fire.

Fire crews report seeing wildlife moving back into the fire area. Sightings include the Clark’s Nutcracker. This bird is beneficial for the burned landscape as it will find pine nuts and bury them. Any nuts the bird does not recover will sprout into new growth. Due to favorable weather conditions and the condition of the burn area, the Type 3 Incident Management will be transitioning management of the fire to Type 4 local resources on Tuesday.

Simms Fire Statistics:

Size: 313 acres

Containment: 100%

Total Personnel: Approximately 68

Location: 15 miles southwest of Montrose Reported: May 19, 2022

Cause: Under investigation

Safety: Careful consideration for public and firefighter safety remains the top priority in this incident. There are no formal road closures, but firefighters request that the public avoid the fire-affected area out of respect for community and firefighter safety.

Weather & Fuel Conditions: Sunday’s incoming cold front has brought cooler temperatures and higher humidity levels to the fire area. Gusty winds will continue and will range between 25-30 mph. Today’s temperatures will be in the low to mid-50s. Relative humidity will range from 18 to 23%. Tuesday is expected to bring warmer temperatures and drier air.

Evacuations and Fire Restrictions: There are no evacuation orders in place. For more information contact

For More Information:

Phone: 970-765-7176




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Source: Grand Junction Local News | Simms Fire Update