St. Mary's Hospital welcomes upgraded pharmacy

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — After four years of planning, St. Mary’s new pharmacy is open, active, and state-of-the-art. The pharmacy was designed to improve medication dispensing, and enhance patient safety.

Current pharmacy employees say having windows and the increase of overall space helps.

“Everything’s housed in one area and we can do multiple things from it,” Certified Pharmacy Tech Advance Amber Wittwer shares, “We can already see areas where we’re probably going to need to add a second tech to what I do or add another check in the IV room, just to be able to keep up with the demand of everything that we do.”

The new space is built for automated efficiency. The new Boxpicker technology is even connected to medical records. Pharmacy Director Rudy Bormann assures the new compounding suite is secure with less touching and a lot of checks.

“One tech can work the station and, not only get the drug delivered to a box here, picks out of there and scans the barcodes and also entry key issues into the station when it comes to expiration dates and lot numbers,” Pharmacy Director Rudy Bormann describes.

Administrators have prescribed new training, workflows, and learning the ropes for the next six to twelve months. Bormann finds it all worth it — knowing the seasoned pharmacy team has accomplished something essential.

“The fact that we pulled this off, with all the supply chain issue, with all the design; this team, I hope, will look back, years from now, at what we accomplished. I say we did a tremendous job and I’m so proud of that,” Bormann expresses.

Technicians securely send prescription drugs through the tube system or hand-deliver medications if they’re more sensitive.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | St. Mary’s Hospital welcomes upgraded pharmacy