Strong winds topple trees across Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) —

Tree after tree fell all over Fresno Sunday because of strong winds blowing through the Central Valley. One tree nearly landed on top of a home in Central Fresno. Lusine Tevanyan was inside with her six family members.

“It was kind of scary, amazing,” she said. “I don’t know it it’s something unusual.”

“This is very unusual but when you see this on TV you usually think of Florida or somewhere on the east but not in Fresno, where it hardly rains,” Erik Barcegian said.

About two miles away, a 30-foot tree fell, shutting down a portion of Harvard and Wishon Avenues. Fortunately, it missed the home next door and the car right across the street.

It’s still scary for who Petra Garcia who lives a few steps from it because she fears the tree in her yard might do the same.

“It’s close to the neighbor’s home right across the street too,” she said. “So, it will definitely do some damage.”

The damage from the tree fall was done to a Honda Element in Southeast Fresno. Police said another tree toppled on top of the SUV in front of Roosevelt High School when the driver stopped at Tulare and Barton Streets, creating another disaster as the first storm of the season rolls in.

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