Students take a walk back in time with the Civil War Revisited at Kearny Park

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) —

Over the next two days, thousands of Central Valley students will see the pages in their history books come to life thanks to the Fresno Historical Society and the Civil War Revisited.

A stroll through Kearny Park was anything but ordinary for students throughout the Central Valley. The sights and sounds of the Civil War proved to be a living history lesson.

Instead of learning about one of the most significant events in our nation’s history by textbook students traveled through time.

“When this educational program developed we realized what an opportunity this was for the kids,” said Ruth Lang, Fresno Historical Society Operations Manager.

The Fresno Historical Society and the Civil War revisited took the hands-on learning to a new level.

Hundreds watched amazed as they learned of everything from blacksmithing to battle strategies with confederate and union soldiers. Students watched battle re-enactments, visited military encampments, and had conversations with historic figures.

“We have Abraham Lincoln out here for instance and they really do learn about the Civil War,” said Lang.

And some figures they may not be so familiar with.

“Navy is kind of overlooked when they do a little history of the Civil War,” said Charles Henry, Civil War Reenactor,

Henry has been involved with the event all 26 years. Portraying a captain in the confederate Navy, he captivated students while detailing the fight for the Mississippi River and importance of the southern ports.

“The kids are actually seeing what the country was before from the Revolution to the Civil War and then from the Civil War, how we became one united after the Civil War.”

For nearly three decades the Civil War reenactment has been the largest of its kind west of the Mississippi.

You can take the same trip through time this weekend at Kearny Park.

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