Thanksgiving dinners mix-up explained, Salvation Army responds

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The Salvation Army’s thanksgiving meal delivery is over, but there are a few left over complaints. By most accounts dinner was a big success this year. the local salvation army handed out 2500 meals in one day.

The secret ingredient to giving out thousands of hot meals each thanksgiving is volunteers serving up a heap of kindness.

“We got almost 400 this year and they just come in,” Captain Joe West shares, “Anybody that’s hungry, they came in and it was great fellowship and great food and a great time.”

The organization strives to have enough food using sign ups to get an accurate head count. It’s a Thanksgiving tradition for Canyon View Vineyard Church volunteers to help the Salvation Army pass out dinners.

Not only was every boxed dinner they had passed out, every address on their sign up list, got a delivery. The outreach team was shocked and confused to hear anyone may have been left out.

“We really do our best to make sure everybody gets their meals so we do apologize for any any hiccups or any problems that may have arose from meals not being delivered,” Canyon View Vineyard Church Outreach Coordinator Landon Miracle expresses, “We try really hard to ensure that we have the information to, at least, go out deliver those meals so again for those who did not get a meal we do apologize for

An anonymous tip sent to us describes someone feeling overlooked for the last two Thanksgivings. Organizers say the email address attached to that complaint was not in any records for either organization.

Organizers stress that they do the best they can based on the information they receive.

“A couple of things that would be helpful is, before submitting online or in the forms, just reconfirming that the phone numbers are correct, as well as the addresses and leaving any notes that would be helpful and the person getting to where they need to be,” Miracle elaborates.

Canyon View Vineyard Church and the Salvation Army thank all the volunteers who made sure thousands did have a meal at Thanksgiving.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Thanksgiving dinners mix-up explained, Salvation Army responds