The November 2021 election is here and the time to cast your vote is now


Ricki Howie headed to the polling center in Grand Junction to cast her vote and joins more than 29,000 others who’ve cast ballots so far. “Some people say that is a little low, I think its great that that many people, that many of my neighbors feel its important enough to get out and show up,” Ricki Howie, Mesa County resident says, “A lot of people are voting in person, which means they haven’t made up their mind entirely about all the candidates.”

Camping out at a polling center on the eve before election day to cheer on a favorite local candidate may not sound exciting to most, but for Howie, its tradition. “You can tell by the way people wave back, whether they support your candidate or they don’t, his is how it felt when I was sitting on this corner in 2016 trying to get Gov. Polis elected, so I feel good,” Howie explains

Preparation for the 2021 election process in Mesa County has been challenging, and you may still have some questions, like when is the last opportunity to vote? “The conduct of the election ceases at 7PM on Nov. 2nd for ballots to be received at our office,” Sheila Reiner, Election official says.

Or you may be asking, where to vote. Election officials have strategically placed polling centers at four location across the valley. Residents can vote in person at the Dinosaur Journey Museum in Fruita, the Palisade Community Center, the elections office in Grand Junction and now at the University Center on Colorado Mesa Universities campus. As community members head to the polls, Election Official Wayne Williams has one message. “There’s been a lot of discussion but one thing is absolutely clear, if you do not want your vote counted don’t turn it in,” Williams says, “That is the one way to guarantee that your vote is not counted the way you want it to be done.”

Source: Grand Junction Local News | The November 2021 election is here and the time to cast your vote is now