Third Escaped Tennessee Teenager Back in Custody

A third teenager is back in custody after escaping from a juvenile detention center in Nashville, Tennessee almost a week ago.

Police say 17-year-old Morris Marsh, who is accused of murder, was re-arrested after a car chase with officers.

Two other teens who escaped with him,16-year-old Decorrius Wright and 15-year-old Calvin howse, were captured earlier this week.

But a fourth escapee, 17-year-old Brandon Caruthers, is still on the run.

Investigators say they ran through the front door of the detention center last weekend, after being left unsupervised.

Three employees of a private contractor that runs the facility were later fired.

Both Marsh and Wright are accused of murder, while the other two are suspected of robbery and illegal gun possession.

Source: NewsNet | Third Escaped Tennessee Teenager Back in Custody