Tope Elementary turns 80, second graders propose plans for school's future

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Tope Elementary School is the oldest elementary school in District 51, where today celebrates a long line of tradition, honor and academic excellence. Second graders propose a multiple projects in order to preserve their school’s rich history.

With the help of collected artifacts, second graders have passion behind their vision for the school to continue on for many years.

“They want to build a tunnel from the library into this room which I think would be really cool this would be a great way to honor the past and envision the future,” Second Grader Lyric expresses, “I really like how my team is doing really good and I really am enjoying this.”

“Things have changed so much since those first few days are building our students are teachers and our community,” Tope Elementary School Teacher Jen Ellyson reflects, “We really wanted to embrace that moving into the future and how well that look in 20 years because it’s already changed so much in the last five. It’s changed things for the quality of learning for students and really the pride they have in their school.”

Proposals reviewed by panels today include preparations for Tope Elementary’s 100th birthday in twenty years.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Tope Elementary turns 80, second graders propose plans for school’s future