Town of Parachute creating new trails system with grant worth $50 thousand

PARACHUTE, Colo. (KREX) — The Town of Parachute wants a new trails system to put its tourism on the map. 70 acres was purchased in 2019, so trails throughout town can meet naturally.

Bringing this vision to life will take time and effort, but locals are pumped and patient for this new adventure to be in their backyard.

“That’s worth the wait,” Parachute Native Pedro Rocque asserts, “With a new experience should come the wait because, once you experienced that, I’m pretty sure you’ll wanna do over and over till your heart’s content.”

The new trails plan is for the tourists and residents but, overall, to encourage outdoor recreation.

“With the idea to connect trails, the Town of Parachute’s plan has a path to follow in order to succeed,” Cora Dickey reports, “If everything goes according to plan, the new trail system will connect Parachute all the way to Glenwood Springs.”

The 50 thousand-dollar grant is a start to a strapping system for Parachute’s trails and incoming island park. Town hall officials express how community members can help full funding come by showing how much they want adventure in town.

“If Parachute residents became more vocal with county commissioners, and even with the state representatives, maybe a little more funding could come this way,” Parachute Town Manager Stuart McArthur explains, “Right now, I’m kind of that voice and it’s just difficult to do when I’m doing the screaming.”

Some Parachute residents believe nature plays a factor in how people connect. Getting to Glenwood Springs on foot brings a new kind of adventures for hike lovers.

“Having a trail connect to another big city would be actually be great,”Rocque continues, “It gives people, adventurists like me to take a nice adventure one-two nice days to get out there enjoy ourselves and just enjoy nature how it should be enjoyed.”

The new plan for Parachute’s trails is also meant to connect family-friendly areas like Cottonwood Park. The trail would begin at the northwest part of town, meet the boat ramp and island park, connect to Battlement Mesa, and continue through Turkey Trail Park and into the trails system there.

Construction is anticipated to start 2022 and 2023, according to Town of Parachute officials.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Town of Parachute creating new trails system with grant worth thousand