Trump To Release Transcript of April Call to Ukraine

President Trump said he will release the transcript of another phone call with the president of Ukraine.

Trump says he first spoke with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelinsky in April.

This call occurred months before the one in July that has been the focus of the impeachment inquiry.

In that call, Trump asked his Ukrainian counterpart to look into Joe Biden’s dealing with the country.

But Trump told reporters that the other transcript would probably be released early this week.

On NBC’s Meet The Press, Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul expressed that the inquiry was based on a double standard.

Paul claims that, like Trump, former Vice President Biden also withheld aid from Ukraine to get a prosecutor fired.

The withheld aid is something the impeachment inquiry is focusing on, with Democrats saying it was wrong for Trump to do so.

Also on Meet The Press, Democrat Connecticut Congressman Jim Hines, who sits on a committee investigating the president, disputed that Biden acted badly.

Public hearings in the impeachment investigation will begin this week.

Trump maintains his innocence and doesn’t believe the hearings should be happening at all.

Source: NewsNet | Trump To Release Transcript of April Call to Ukraine