U.S. and Mexico Making Headway on Deal to Prevent New Tariffs

President Trump says talks with Mexico appear to be making some headway, as the deadline looms for new tariffs in response to an influx of Central American migrants.

The president made those threats last week, saying that the U.S. Would raise tariffs up to 25%t by October if Mexico didn’t act.

This week, both U.S. And Mexican officials are trying to iron out a deal to prevent those tariffs from going into effect.

So far, Mexico has pledged to deploy 6,000 national guard troops to the Guatemalan border beginning Monday.

And, according to officials for both the U.S. And Mexico, the countries are working on a plan to overhaul their asylum systems.

That would reportedly make migrants apply for asylum in the first country they enter.

The same officials say the plan can work, but President Trump may not agree to the terms.

Meanwhile, lawmakers on both sides of capitol hill are still expressing concerns about the tariffs.

Republican congressman adam kinzinger of Illinois says his constituents are already dealing with the affects Chinese tariffs and tariffs on Mexico will make their situation worse.

And, as negotiations continue, officials are issuing a warning about what’s happening at the southern border.

Earlier this week, border officials said almost 133,000 people were arrested at the border in may alone.

11,000 of those were children.

Source: NewsNet | U.S. and Mexico Making Headway on Deal to Prevent New Tariffs