Ukraine To Make Chernobyl An Official Tourist Attraction

Chernobyl, the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster, is set to become an official tourist attraction.

Ukraine’s president signed a decree on Wednesday that set out plans for new walking trails and enhanced mobile phone reception.

Much of the area has been open to tourists since 2011 and there has been a sharp rise in visitors since an HBO mini-series about the tragedy aired earlier this year.

On April 26th 1986, a reactor at the nuclear power plant exploded, forcing a region-wide evacuation and sending radioactive fallout billowing across Europe.

While the explosion itself caused around 30 deaths, the final death toll as a result of long-term radiation exposure is much disputed.

The United Nations predicted up to 9,000 related cancer deaths back in 2005, Greenpeace later estimated up to 200,000 fatalities, taking further health problems connected to the disaster into account.

Source: NewsNet | Ukraine To Make Chernobyl An Official Tourist Attraction