Unrest Continues Amid Leadership Challenge in Venezuela

The political unrest in Venezuela is intensifying as world leaders are now picking sides over who is the legitimate leader.

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared he was the interim president last week.

He has gained support from the United States, among many other counties.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged action to address the political and humanitarian crisis.

Meanwhile, President Nicolas Maduro, who is supported by Russia and China, is speaking out and pointing fingers.

He’s accusing the United States of orchestrating a coup to remove him from power.

This is all amid massive and deadly anti-government protests, where Guaido claimed Maduro was illegitimately elected for a second term.

Maduro is now accusing Guaidó of violating the constitution.

Some U.S. Lawmakers are demanding action, but are also stooping short of supporting American military intervention.

Source: NewsNet | Unrest Continues Amid Leadership Challenge in Venezuela