Valley drivers prep for upcoming rainfall

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) —

Rainfall has increased sales for some local businesses in the North Valley. The showers are making its way to the Central Valley from the Bay Area Friday. The low cloud cover in Merced taken Friday afternoon showed the calm before the rain but the storm has already passed through NAPA Auto & Truck Parts.

“We sold about a good hundred units,” Alex Aguilar with the store exclaimed.

Aguilar said since Friday morning, 50 people have stopped in requesting one thing – wiper blades.

And some of those folks have needed help installing them. In fact, the store says they’ve put blades on for more than 20 of its customers’ cars.

“We got our people trained to install some are a little tricky but we got it handled,” Aguilar said.

This is the first round of rain since this summer. The California Highway Patrol said it will, without a doubt, make roads all over the Central Valley more dangerous.

“Anytime the water and oil mix it’s going to create a slippery situation,” Officer Moises Onsurez with the CHP said.

Onsurez said working windshield wipers and tires with a good amount of tread is key to being able to commute safely. He also had a couple tips on what to do before and during your trip.

“Increase the traveling distance between you and the vehicle in front of you,” he explained. “Also give yourself some extra time so you’re not in a rush and speeding through the rain.”

And while CHP officers are out keeping an eye on those traveling, PG&E crews will be on standby monitoring power outages that are likely to happen.

“A light rain will create mud and that mud can create shorting outages,” Denny Boyles with PG&E said. “We’ll prepare for that locally by having some crews being able to respond to the north if we need them to.”

The CHP also said when you’re driving through the inclement weather, make sure in addition to having your windshield wipers on you also have your headlights on. That will increase your driving visibility.

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