Vendors wrap up another successful year at The Big Fresno Fair

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) —

The Big Fresno Fair may be over but the big cleanup is still underway, wrapping up another successful fair run. The gates may be closed for the Central Valley’s biggest event of the year but the fairgrounds are far from empty.

What once used to be flooded with fairgoers is now a major thoroughfare for trailers and pickups.

“We’re packing things up cleaning away and kind of debriefing a little,” Big Fresno Fair deputy manager Lauri King said.

From horse races to food vendors, fair organizers said they couldn’t have asked for a better year. The now empty livestock pavilion housed more than 2,700. Almost 800 were put up for auction and boasted numbers greater than last year.

Lynette Rawlings, owner of Polish on a Stick, said in her 30-plus years at the Big Fresno Fair, she has yet to leave disappointed.

“We probably did, oh gosh, I don’t even know,” she exclaimed. “Enough to do what we did last year.”

Over the 12 day span, a total of 7,000 milkshakes were sold that’s the number of orders of lobster fries, Indian tacos and deep fried Reese’s and cookie dough combined. At Corn Stars, they sold close to 5,300 ears and that’s not including their 2,000 orders of corn in a cup.

The charred corn husks surrounding the stand are signs of another successful fair run for Bob Jackson. He said their attention to detail on the grill applies to the breakdown as well.

“We clean our area up as well,” Jackson said. “So, it makes it a little nicer we like to leave it nice so they ask us back because were asked back every year.”

As for when fair organizers plan for next year?

“We already have we’ve already started things made some offers on some entertainment and already started looking at new programs we have a couple exhibits already booked,” King said.

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