Victim Advocate Program recruiting


The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Victim Advocate Program is recruiting new volunteers.

Victim advocates play a critical role in helping survivors begin to heal, in the aftermath of crime or other traumatic events.

Studies have shown the sooner a person who experiences trauma gets support, the sooner they begin to heal, and the more complete their healing becomes.

People from all walks of life with no experience can be a victim advocate. Volunteers will receive 40 hours of classroom training, and then shadow an experienced victim support volunteer. All you need is compassion to provide comfort for a person who may be experiencing the worst day in their life. Volunteer, Jennifer Bauer says, “What happens after they take the offender away? What happens then? And, I was able to talk her through what she could expect the next day, when the bond hearing happens. The protection orders. What sort of resources were available to her. That sort of thing, and that was really satisfying and fulfilling.” Victim Services Coordinator, Tracy Baker says, “To have a victim advocate available to respond out on scene with law enforcement, and provide a hand to hold, or provide you with tissue, or all the way through the other end of the spectrum which is maybe put somebody in a hotel, or get them a bus ticket. That kinda thing. That’s important to that person no matter what else is going on in the world.”

If you want to help survivors begin to heal, the Victim Advocate Program is taking applications for the next training academy. Evening training classes start on July 11. Click here for more information.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Victim Advocate Program recruiting