WHO Calls for Fairer, Healthier Post-COVID-19 World

This April 7th is a special day for the World Health Organization, who celebrates 73 years of existence.

Today they make a plea to all countries calling for a fairer, healthier world post covid-19.

They say the world is currently an  unequal one and the pandemic brought to light how some people  are living healthier lives, entirely based on where they live in the world.

For example, the United States has administered over 167 million vaccines with most of the world in the single million digits or below one million.

Regardless, the WHO is using its platform today to call for world leaders to invest in their own healthcare  and improve data for response,  not just for the ongoing pandemic but for the future.

Source: NewsNet | WHO Calls for Fairer, Healthier Post-COVID-19 World