Acceptable Video Formats


:30, :60, :90, :1 20, 30Min (28:30), 1hr (58:30)

Video Resolution/Frame rate:

NTSC, 720 x 480, 16:9, 29.97 fps

Video Format/ Encoding:

.mp4 (.h264)
.mov (ProRes422 or DV /DVCPro – NTSC)
.mpeg (.h264)


PLEASE DO NOT SEND: .wmv or .avi or any video with audio over -31dbfs – these will be REJECTED



48 kHz (-20dbfs)


File Delivery Methods

Extreme Reach

KVBC (for Channel 13), KVHF (for Channel 4), KBID (for Cha nnel 31)

Cloud Sharing Services*

Dropbox, Google Drive, YouSendlt, TransferMe, and other similar services
*If a username/password is required to access the file download. please provide this as well.

FTP/ FileZilla:

VBC does not provide FTP access to its media servers but can connect to your server via
FTP. Please provide us with the following:

Your FTP Host: ____________ (IP address or URL)
FTP Port: ____________(if different from default Port 21
Username: ____________
Password: ____________
File Location/Directory:___________ (i.e. Your FTP Address/directory)


For Technical Questions, please contact Jordan Bitz, Creative Services Director at